“You May Think I Am Crazy, But I Think It Is Crazier That I Haven’t Seen My Family for 15 Years”

“In 2008 I was knocking on doors to get President ‪#‎Obama‬ elected, and now, in 2013, I will be knocking on America’s door, asking President Obama to bring my community home.” – Lizbeth Mateo.

Breaking from The National Immigrant Youth Alliance:

Leaders of the undocumented youth movement in the United States have crossed the border into Mexico, and plan to turn themselves in alongside ‘DREAMers’ who left the United States at a border crossing next week. With applications for legal status in hand, they will demand to be allowed to return home to the United States.

Our friends who have departed to Mexico include Lizbeth Mateo of Los Angeles, California, Lulu Martinez of Chicago, Illinois, and Marco Saavedra of New York. All of them have lived in the United States before the age of 16, and are eligible for deferred action, as well as any version of the DREAM Act.

Lizbeth eloquently states her reasons for going to Mexico:

“Last year they went after my uncle and he was deported. What our family went through is what millions have gone through and it needs to stop. This administration needs to know we won’t wait for Congress to do the right thing.”

Kudos to Lizbeth Mateo, Lulu Martinez and Marco Saavedra for having the courage to do what is right. The real immigration debate is not taking place in Congress. It is happening at the border, with our friends putting their lives on the line in order to reunite families.

The DREAM is coming HOME.

The press contact for the NIYA action is Domenic Powell: media@theniya.org

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