For Desi Parents – How to Be Supportive of Your Gay or Lesbian Daughters

10. Do NOT bring up the topic of marriage to men or go around looking for prospective grooms FOR WHATEVER REASON. It is the most insulting and disrespectful thing to do.

9. Do let her cut her hair and dress in whatever decent way she desires. It is her body. Don’t taunt or make fun of her!

8. Give her space, ample room to explore her sexuality. Get out of the house and encourage her to do so as well.

7. Do NOT try sex education directly. Instead, discretely email resources of “interest”

6. Do NOT question or ask questions about “girls night out” or “sleepovers” – Only respond positively if she wishes to share any information.

5. Subscribe to magazines for parents of GLBTQ children – PFlag is also a good organization. Read up on news concerning queer legislation and other books of interest (i.e. the Vagina Monologues)

4. NEVER EVER cuss or call even the TV screen “faggot” or any other derogatory term for homosexuals.

3. Support her educational and lifelong goals and desires as freely and fairly as that of an older straight sibling.

2. Be welcoming of any significant others as much as you would support a “son-in-law”

1. Never exert any pressure on your child to be perfect or tend for herself in order to make up for being gay.

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