My Brother Nikhil is on TV! – World Aids Day


It was World Aids Day yesterday, I almost forgot had Sony not played My Brother Nikhil. I made sure to record it for my mother and MADE her sit through it. I should own the movie, but haven’t had time to get it.

Sanjay Suri (my favorite) plays a champion athlete swimmer who just happens to be gay and very “normal” and contracts HIV. The movie shows the sheer ignorance of people around him, including family, to deal with his identity and “disease.” He is even put in solitary confinement for a while! It has that beautiful song “Le Chale” … Anyway, to date, it is the best Indian movie that deals with homosexuality, in addition to AIDS. The most beautiful thing about My Brother Nikhil is that they make clear that IT DOES NOT matter how someone contracts HIV, the point is to discuss WHAT HAPPENS with that person after he/she contracts HIV.

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