A Dream Deferred – Massachussetts

Governor Patrick is mulling over bypassing the legislature to allow for instate-tuition to undocumented students in MA similar to AB-540 in California. The state legislature crushed the proposition in 2006 and the Governor’s desire to circumvent the legislature this time has caused a media frenzy.

Dreamies were brought here by their parents and did not break any laws. Why are we so bent on punishing teenagers and young adults for crimes committed by their parents? Most undocumented students are American in every sense of the word besides their citizenship status – Why are we preventing Americans from attending college at reasonable and affordable rates in their own states? This entire illegal alien / undocumented students getting instate-tuition debate is such a wanton distraction. Lets be real. The media should be kicking up a storm about the price of oil, the costs of war, the overwhelming evidence for global warming, abject poverty, the prison-industrial complex, and the dire state of our health care and education system. Undocumented students who are law-abiding citizens and can contribute positively to the economy if given a chance are merely scapegoats.

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Immigrant students from Massachusetts, made a documentary about the problems that they endure while trying to access higher education. To find more information about college access for immigrant students, the Dream Act, or the In-state tuition bill please visit The Student Immigrant Movement at www.simforus.com

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