Now we are simulating immigrant lives…

Ever since Will Wright’s The Sims, an explosion of the simulation genre has ensued in the gaming world. Games like Civilization have become Classics, whereas The Sims and Sim City with its plethora of expansion packs have multiplied across various gaming platforms and inspired new games based on the same genre (i.e. Black and White). Talk about the multiplicities and diffusion of power, control and simulation — playing God is cooler than a first-person wham-bam shooter.

So now a progressive group is releasing a game simulating the life of a young immigrant teenager in the United States — you are either a Mexican illegal immigrant or an Indian green-card holder or a student on a visa from Japan. The object is to avoid deportation and deal with the daily life and struggles of the international student or undocumented student.

I wonder how people who are actually in this situation or have been through the whole immigration process feel about this game trying to simulate their lives.

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