Undocumented Students – Support Groups and Coalitions

Today, the Sacramento Bee ran an article on the solidarity and support network amongst undocumented students at University of California Davis. The comments on the article quickly turned into one over illegal immigration rather than focusing on the trials and tribulations that many students at UCD had undergone and how the groups they built provided strength, solidarity and support.

One of the criticisms that I have against the article is the focus on the Latino groups of undocumented students. Given that most undocumented students are from Latin America, and yet, where do the non-Latino students on campus go to? When trying to spread awareness about the Dream Act and our unprecedented plight as undocumented students, attention must be paid to be inclusive and rid people of the mindset that this is just an issue of concern to Latinos.

Another sore point is the lack of use of the Internet as a medium for organizing the DREAM Act movement. Previously, I have also heard networking and coalition-building between several other student groups in the Bay Area. Given the need for anonymity and discretion, one would think that the Internet would be the medium of choice for us to communicate and build advocacy efforts. So why is it that I am not seeing student members from these groups posting online at sites like DAP and sharing their stories and experiences? There’s an untapped potential here for so many lost narratives and resources, drawing together students from completely diverse backgrounds to share their untold stories and experiences, build coalitions and support networks.

BNF is just the start. I am also working on something with some friends. More details to be unveiled in due time.

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