North Carolina Plays Ping-Pong with Undocumented Students

Playing ping-pong with the future of our students in North Carolina continues as now the Community College system has clarified that undocumented students in the system already can remain. The policy has supposedly changed 4 times, but the NC Community College system has still barred future enrollment of any undocumented students. The NC university system continues to be open for undocumented students although it is quite unaffordable for most students who would have to pay out-of-state tuition.

Just to clarify something the community leader said in this video as an answer to “So, why don’t undocumented students apply for citizenship?” The answer is simply not that it is a lengthy and expensive process but also because most undocumented students are simply ineligible for citizenship–there is NO LINE to get into if your parents brought you here illegally. The DREAM Act grants students that line.

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