Prop. 8 and Straight White (Male) Politics

What is up with the Keith Olbermann video doing the rounds? You would think someone delivered a sermon or message from Jesus the way people are raving about it on Digg.

Why does it take a straight, white male ally to talk about ‘gay marriage’ in a compassionate way to generate attention? And why on earth is the Courage Campaign so excited that it is still spamming my email with it?

The failure of the No on 8 is directly attributed to these ‘missionary-type’ politics and Frank Schubert (I am no fan of this guy) appropriately labeled it ‘lily white, liberal’ politics. Of course, what he did not expect is the rage and furor from all segments of society that is sparking the current grassroots Repeal H8 campaign. Make no mistake — the backlash against No on 8 has little to do with pale/off/lily ‘white liberal politics’ and everything to do with people angry over the dismantling of civil rights in California.

From Daily News comes an affirmation that we need to put the ‘pride’ back in ‘out and proud’ and assume leadership of our issues:

The movement’s leaders “were very timid. They were too soft,” said Robin Tyler, a lesbian comic who created a series of celebrity public service announcements with the slogan “Stop the Hate, No on 8” that were rejected because they were deemed too negative. “We were lightweights on our side.”

No offense to Keith — Thanks for using your bully pulpit to express your support for the No on 8 movement and condemn those that voted for the ballot measure.

I am sure the friends of the subaltern mean well but let the subaltern speak.

P.S. Did Keith forget that Rachel Maddows is openly gay?

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