The Homophobic Arkansas Adoption Ban that Discriminates Against Heterosexuals too

With all eyes on California, the hideous Arkansas proposition (Proposed Initiative Act No. 1) that bans people who are “cohabitating outside a valid marriage” from serving as foster parents or adopting children has received scant attention in the media.

57% of people in Arkansas are so homophobic that they have effectively denied unmarried heterosexual couples and single people the right to adopt children.

57% of voters in Arkansas are so repulsed by homosexuality that they have denied the 3700 children in Arkansas state custody, stable and loving family homes.

57% of Arkansas voters are so adverse to homosexuality that they would rather add millions more to their state expenditures to continue to keep those children in custody.

I think this video does a great job of expressing my emotions from the 2 minute mark:

Exit polls suggest that men are a little more idiotic than women by a gaping 7 percentage points.

Again the vote by age is quite interesting –


Guess evolution in the political process works in mysterious ways — the idiots are more likely to die before the people with a little bit more sense. Long-term Natural selection anyone?

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