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Throwing some love towards my Canadian readers (I wish to be in Canada one day, maybe for a doctoral program in political economy).

I don’t know much about migration in Canada but I know that it has a better, more efficient and streamlined process for immigration. 18 months, no lawyers needed compared to the $5000-$10000 legal fees required  here with a long backlog that is perpetuating the problem of ‘illegal immigration.’ I do remember blogging about the undocumented student struggles in Canada and the idiotic way in which ICE made criminals out of some jet-skiers from Canada that landed here accidentally. Also, see how tougher border regulations are tearing up communities in Vermont. And I had an undocumented blogger friend of mine who was traveling via Amtrak to New York for a Graduate school interview detained in Greyhound by ‘border officials’ toughening up on the US-Canada border. At the AAG conference in Boston this April, we had an interesting presentation on how the Portuguese in Canada face similar treatment to the Mexicans in the United States. A lot of issues obviously intermingle but this contest is for issues in Canadian migration and open for Canadians only.

This is from Francis:

I’m working on a project called WhoWeAre, and we presently have a call for submission that is open for people to submit video proposals on cultural diversity, multiculturalism and immigration. The selected proposals will be rewarded 1000$ for shooting and editing their videos.

Props to WhoWeAre for working on building video content for diversity and multi-culturalism. Anyone can upload videos on the site right now, but financing is only available to Canadians.

Who can participate?
The call for videos is open to everyone, professionals and non-professionals who are willing to direct a video about the Canadian cultural mosaic or submit an existing one on the same topic. The candidates must be at least 14 years of age and older.

For more information, go here.

Here is an interesting current happenings that might inspire some creativity

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