List – California Legislators for Inequality, Hatred and Discrimination

Here is another list put together through the help of Equality California that ranked these legislators on 5 LGBT legislations this past year. All of the following voted against 4 or all 5 bills. Now these legislative bills were not sweeping LGBT reforms.

Bottomline – Forget marriage equality. These (pre-dominantly old white men) bigots support discrimination against everything ranging from LGBT youth in foster care to LGBT elderly too.

Is your legislator on the list?


Sam Aanestad R 4

Dick Ackerman R 33

Roy Ashburn R 18

Jim Battin R 37

Dave Cogdill R 14

Dave Cox R 1

Jeff Denham R 12

Bob Dutton R 31

Tom Harman R 35

Dennis Hollingsworth R 36

Abel Maldonado R 15

Bob Margett R 29

Tom McClintock R 19

George Runner R 17

Mark Wyland R 38


Anthony Adams R 59

Greg Aghazarian R 26

Joel Anderson R 77

John Benoit R 64

Tom Berryhill R 25

Sam Blakeslee R 33

Paul Cook R 65

Chuck DeVore R 11

Michael Duvall R 72

Bill Emmerson R 63

Jean Fuller R 32

Ted Gaines R 4

Bonnie Garcia R 80

Martin Garrick R 74

Shirley Horton R 78

Guy Houston R 15

Bob Huff R 60

Kevin Jeffries R 66

Rick Keene R 3

Doug La Malfa R 2

Bill Maze R 34

Alan Nakanishi R 10

Roger Niello R 5

George Plescia R 75

Sharon Runner R 36

Jim Silva R 67

Cameron Smyth R 38

Todd Spitzer R 71

Audra Stickland R 37

Van Tran R 68

Mike Villines R 29

Mimi Walters R 73

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