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This personal blog has approached one year of existence on the Internet. Whereas I had never really expected to get half the number of blog readers and I haven’t kept up on blogging (or writing) this month due to various reasons (out of town, illness, over-worked), I remain committed to getting back in gear in the coming year.

It will certainly be a busy year — I will be working full-time on the national DREAM Act campaign with the United We DREAM coalition. And I am looking forward to May, when Prop 8 is overturned and a great LGBT Pride celebration in June following that. In the latter half of the year, I finally get to petition the a$$holes at USCIS for American residency again, and in October 2009, I will be applying to law schools for 2010 (postponed again for the final time). And I will be a quarter century old next December.

Here is a round-up of 15 posts that I think were well-written and deserve a revisiting.

15. The Invisibles that Made the Beijing Games – Dark Side of the Olympics

14. Documenting my thought processes – Guidelines for a different kind of academic research

13. Immigration Buzzword – Reject “Assimilation”

12. Feminization of Migrant Labor – Situating Migrant Women in a more Global Context

11. Repeal Section 377 – Homosexuality Ban in India a legacy of British Rule

10. Making College Less Accessible for Immigrant Students One Lawsuit at a Time

9. Cricket – Sachin Tendulkar and the SubAltern

8. Exposing the Business of Immigrant Detention – CCA

7. Welcome to America – Here We Make ‘Criminals’ Out of Jet-Skiers and in the same vein, Welcome to America Part 2 – Immigration Judge Uses Wikipedia to Deny Asylum

6. ‘Fair and Lovely’ No More – Bollywood Star blasts Fairness Products

5. Critique of Borders – Canada no longer visible from Derby Line, Vermont

4. Change We Can’t Believe In – Prop 8 Passes in California

3. Documenting the birth of illegal immigration

2. The Perversion of Tolerance — I don’t Want to be Tolerated and Neither Should You.

1. The flawed logic of either/or – Creating spaces for intervention – The whole point of this blog.

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