One Step Closer to Lifting the HIV+ Travel Ban

HIV travelLast February, more than 150 community based organizations sent a letter to President Obama, requesting the administration lift the ban on travel by HIV+ people.

President Bush had approved a bill passed by Congress to repeal the ban last June but it still remains in place as status quo United States policy. The amount of time it has taking to institute the new policy has left many immigrants in legal limbo.

The Center for Disease Control has finally approved the removal of HIV from the list of communicable diseases that disallow an individual entry into the United States. The Office of Budget and Management must take action within 60 days to finally approve the removal of the travel ban.

This HIV ban is one of the antiquated laws in our immigration system in need of immediate change. It is an archaic means of promoting public health in a global age. Stigmatizing HIV immigrants or immigrants with symptoms of syphilis found here is a disgrace that only provides a false sense of security and apparently the United States is joined by countries like Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and eight other countries in instituting this practice. The current ban has remained in place since 1987,  and is also discriminatory towards gay and lesbian families, who do not benefit from the waiver available to straight couples.

Hat Tip: Diana

(Photo Credit: Trygve.u Flickr Photostream)

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