Testifying at San Francisco Immigrant Rights Commission

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Symposium:
San Francisco’s Role in Shaping National Immigration Policy

November 9, 2009
5:30- 8:00 p.m.
State Building, Milton Marks Auditorium
455 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, California

SYMPOSIUM DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this Symposium is for the Immigrant Rights Commission to hear from national experts on comprehensive immigration reform and obtain guidance on how local governments, commissions and community organizations can weigh in on the issues. This symposium serves as the Commission’s monthly meeting for November 2009. A five-member expert panel will (a) contextualize the immigration policy debate and discuss prospects for passage of immigration reform by Congress; (b) summarize the main issues of new proposed reform bill(s); and (c) provide recommendations to the Immigrant Rights Commission on how San Francisco can best impact immigration policy. Three community members will relate their immigration experiences at the end of the panel discussion.

ABOUT THE IMMIGRANT RIGHTS COMMISSION (IRC): The mission of the IRC is to improve, enhance and preserve the quality of life and civic participation of all immigrants in the City and County of San Francisco. The IRC is charged with the primary duty of providing advice and making recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors on issues affecting immigrants working and residing in the City. This symposium will help the Commission recommend improved immigration policies. For more information, please visit our website www.sfgov.org/immigrant.

ABOUT THE OFFICE OF CIVIC ENGAGEMENT & IMMIGRANT AFFAIRS (OCEIA): OCEIA promotes civic participation and inclusive policies that improve the lives of San Francisco’s residents, particularly immigrants, newcomers, underserved and vulnerable communities. The Office is responsible for a broad range of areas, including: the 2010 Census, language rights, civic engagement initiatives, immigrant affairs, and community education and outreach.


Item No. Title and Description Approximate Time
1. Call to order and roll call 3 minutes
2. Welcome & Introductions
Commissioner Angus McCarthy, Chair 7 minutes

3. Greetings by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, 13th Assembly District and Mayor/Board President 10 minutes

4. Opening Remarks by Elected Officials 10 minutes
5. Keynote Address: Framing the Immigration Reform Debate
Dan Siciliano 12 minutes
6. Panel Discussion on CIR
• Panelists Remarks (3-5 minutes each)
• Invited Testimony to Panelists (10-15 minutes- Dream Act Candidate, Business Owner, Family)
• Moderated Panel Discussion (20 minutes) 60 minutes
7. Public Comments 30 minutes
8. Adjournment End by 8pm

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