Why Hasn't Rep. Loretta Sanchez Co-Sponsored the DREAM Act?

The Orange County DREAM Team has been lobbying Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) for quite a few years to co-sponsor different versions of the DREAM Act. She has refused to do so, stating her preference for comprehensive immigration reform.

I didn’t get the memo stating the mutual exclusivity between actively supporting the DREAM Act and wanting comprehensive reforms for the broken immigration system. Did you?

Her flawed logic sends an erroneous message that politicians who do co-sponsor the DREAM Act don’t want comprehensive reforms. Really Loretta?

There is actually a Facebook Cause devoted to get Loretta Sanchez to co-sponsor. Why is it so important that politicians like Rep. Sanchez sponsor the DREAM Act rather than get away with merely saying that they support it? Because not holding Rep. Loretta Sanchez accountable gives other non-Latino Democrats with less immigrant constituencies an excuse to not sponsor the bill. Words are simply not enough.

Rep. Loretta Sanchez, please pull out some common sense from that big bag and send an early Christmas present to Santa-Ana. Your constituents are waiting for a bit more than cosmetic change.

(H/T: LatinoPoliticsBlog)

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