Accepted Offer from UBC


All my hard-work from the past decade is paying off as I was accepted into one of the best schools in Canada–the University of British Columbia. I paid down my deposit and applied for housing right away. The study permit process is next.

Why UBC Law in Canada? While I have been accepted into other universities around the world, the University of British Columbia in Canada is my top choice due to its name recognition, diverse environment, moderately low cost and breadth of the program. The Faculty of Law also offers a unique focus on Pacific Rim issues, with an international reputation for excellence in environmental and natural resources law. It has also great programs like Feminist Legal Studies. Now where else will I find that diversity?

Mom says 2010 is supposed to be a good year for me. Lets see what happens. I am still waiting on replies from most U.S. schools so this is not really a final decision but the best one I received in 2009.

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