Hell-Raising for the Holidays

I think I am done.

USA TODAY Drops the Moronic “Illegal Student” Terminology

For now.  They still don’t get it. However, fighting this involves a longer time period that I will ever allow myself, given I am Hasta LaVista from this place soon.

I also think people don’t realize that labelling immigrants as illegal involves the same hegemonic labeling process directed at minorities throughout history. That is what I meant when I compared it directly to slurring the African-American community or the LGBT community. And it is worse when immigrant students are labeled as ‘illegal students’ or ‘illegal immigrants’ because they certainly did not choose to be here. And when someone is undocumented because s/he is gay and cannot marry to adjust status due to discriminatory policies or someone is illegally denied paperwork by the system, that really throws a monkey wrench into the situation. No one can be illegal since if immigrants are illegal for breaking laws, then we should use the term for everyone who breaks the law. The bottom-line is, you don’t call a whole community of people anything without their permission. It doesn’t take a college degree to understand that.

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