Protests Force The Grinch Into Not Stealing X-Mas

By now, we must have read about the success of dozen-strong anti-immigrant rallies. They continue in this chilly winter.

The powerful lobby of FAIR released a report recently on the negative impacts of immigration in Maryland and together with nativist front ‘Help Save Maryland,’ they called for a huge rally in protest of immigrants and the pro-migrant group, Casa de Maryland.

The crowds awaited with bated breath for the large turnout of the fabled 80% of Americans against ‘illegal immigration.’ In the end, the restrictionist forces turned out a number that won’t make it to the records books: 0. It is no wonder that they are still calling for the protests on their website. Lets wait for an email circulation declaring the protest a success. That’s usually how it goes with the anti-immigrant forces. Read the blog entry from Casa de Maryland here.

In response, Casa de Maryland held a successful counter-protest: a toy drive with a Santa Claus that didn’t check immigration papers. After the uproar caused by the Salvation Army “social security checks” last week, activists were targeted on Twitter by the organization, declaring that it did not discriminate. When that lousy public relations move back-fired with even gay activists pointing the finger at the organization’s homophobia, the Salvation Army dropped the ‘social security’ rule.

It’s safe to say that the Grinch is not stealing Christmas this year.

(Photo Credit: America’s Voice Flickr photostream)

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