What Do Google Users Know About Fiji and Fijians?

Searching Google for Fiji? Try stopping for answers here.

Where do Fijians Come From?

I am sure the question above is asked by Americans the most. Where do Americans come from? Fijians come from the South Pacific Island country of Fiji.

Why is Fiji water so good or so bad?

I’ll pick so bad. Where do we start? A sizable population of Fijians cannot access safe drinking water while the rest of the world is having the ‘drop of water untouched by civilization.’ Fiji Water is actually not owned by Fiji, pays no taxes to the military regime, and the people of Fiji do not benefit from the corporation in our country. Moreover, the American corporation has trademarked the brand name FIJI–the name of a nation-state–without paying anything to the Fijian government.  Lets not get started on the carbon footprint.

Why Does Fiji Have Cotton Plantations?

Actually, Fiji has many types of plantations, and the most prominent is sugar-cane, which is farmed on by many Indian laborers originally brought there by the British between 1879-1920. Before that period, cotton was introduced in Fiji in the 1830s but it was not till the 1860s that Fiji was subject to exploration and downright invasion by European, American and Australian companies for cotton plantations after the Civil War broke out in the United States. Fiji was seen as a great climate to grow cotton to fetch lucrative prices.

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