Australia Crafts New Rules to Curb Immigration

In another move to control human migration, Australia just axed 20,000 migrant applications in a major overhaul of the immigration system, removing occupations from the demand list and increasing English-language requirements.

The new migration policies are supposed to attract the “best and brightest” while doing nothing for family re-unification. Do note, that Australia made the Global Anti-Immigrant Hall of Shame this past year for ignoring the hate crimes perpetuated against Indian students.

It comes, then, as no surprise that the country is now axing “low-level” occupations of cooking, hairdressing, and hospitality most sought-after by many foreign Indian students, thereby dashing their hopes of permanent residency. In effect, Australia is taking care of its rising Indian population and hate crimes perpetuated against them by shutting the door on the faces of young migrant students. Many betrayed students are now saying that Australia has taken their money and run.

The continent down under is seen as a refuge by many, but it has never had an easy relationship with immigrants (or the native population). Australia sends asylum-seekers to other islands for offshore processing, often locking them up in detention centers, while labeling hate crimes and persecution of foreigners within its borders as paranoia.

The White Australia Policy that may have served as an impetus for South African apartheid is now manifested in tougher language requirements and a points system that makes it difficult for people to migrate or seek refuge. But with baby-boomers retiring and the only source of labor from immigrants, Australian officials need to stop looking through the crystal ball to regulate immigration and start by recognizing that immigrants are not invaders, but a boon to society.

Photo Credit: Linh_r0m

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