Quebec Fast-Tracks Citizenship for Foreign Students

Here is some good news for immigrant youth in the United States and potential migrants all over the world who can speak French, bear the cold, and want a life of dignity in Canada.

After easing immigration rules for Haitians last week by expanding the definition of family (shame on the United States), the province of Quebec is giving out “certificates of selection” to foreign students who graduate from universities in Quebec, which would put them on a fast-track to Canadian citizenship.

The premier of the province, Jean Charest, told Times of India that “any student who secures a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree from any university in Quebec will obtain a certificate of selection to become a citizen of Canada.” Citizenship would be awarded after undergoing security and health checks.

This move is welcomed by many at a time when the United Kingdom has put a freeze on issuing international student visas for certain countries and foreign students face violence and a tougher path to citizenship in Australia.

It is an effort undertaken in large part due to the fact that Quebec has a decreasing population rate and anticipates continued labor shortages in the near future as more people retire and move out of the province. Over 54,000 people immigrated to Quebec last year and a new study projects that international immigration may be the only source of migration by 2029.

Quebec needs young, talented immigrants who aspire to live and contribute to a province that affords them quality of life and dignity. The United States is certain to lose some future movers and shakers to Canada if it does nothing to retain educated students and continues to ignore the broken immigration system.

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