Maddow Wipes the Floor with FAIR's Dan Stein

In an irony of epic proportions, Dan Stein, who serves as the President of the anti-immigrant hate-organization Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), probably thinks Rachel Maddow was unfair to him last night by unveiling his organization’s true racist colors.

Of late, Rachel Maddow has taken to exposing the racism behind the “Papers Please” SB 1070 Arizona law. Since FAIR took credit for the passing this legislation, in addition to sponsoring similar bills in seven other states, Maddow invited Dan Stein to the show, asking him to clarify FAIR’s links to white supremacist John Tanton. In the video below, Stein adamantly notes that John Tanton was only a board member and had made white supremacist comments many years ago that had little to do with FAIR. Watch how he grows increasingly defensive and belligerent and at one point, accuses Maddow for being a mouthpiece of the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Dan Stein also denied funding Protect Arizona Now (PAN), which pushed the anti-immigrant Prop 200 initiative in 2004, a voter-approved initiative similar to SB 1070. One of PAN’s top leaders was Virginia Abernethy, a self-proclaimed “ethnic separatist.” Later, Rachel fact-checked FAIR and exposed their lies on her blog, establishing that FAIR did indeed support Virginia Abernethy’s PAN financially.

Mainstream media reporters like Rachel Maddow are finally reiterating the facts that Latino bloggers have made for many years: organizations fighting against immigration reform and putting anti-immigrant laws on the books are part of the white supremacist John Tanton network of hate. Exposing their lies, hatred, and bigotry is only fair.

Video Credit: MaddowBlog

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