Bita Ghaedi Deportation Cancelled

After nature intervened to stop the deportation of Bita Ghaedi to certain death in Iran, she was re-scheduled to be deported today.

However, earlier this morning, the British High Court granted Ghaedi interim relief pending a renewed application to apply for judicial review, while the European Court of Human Rights put a ban on her deportation.

As a woman who fled her husband as well as a political dissident, Bita Ghaedi has legitimate reasons to fear an “honour killing” if deported back to Iran. In his opinion, Justice Nichols stated that the British Home Office ignored a preponderance of evidence highlighting her very real claims to asylum.

Maria Rohaly from Mission Free Iran writes that mainstream media silence, in addition to dereliction of duty from organizations like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, only hurt the case. Still, this case is a testament for how a small number of dedicated people can bring international attention to the horrific ways in which asylum seekers and refugees are treated by developed nations.

A new hearing for Ghaedi is set on July 21.

Photo Credit: Terence Bunch

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