SB 1070 National Day of Action in Photos

Brown is not a Crime by xomiele.

Not at all, unless you are Senator Scott Brown (Cosponsor the DREAM Act already).

Credit: xomiele

Protesting the Arizona Diamondbacks in SF by jonathan mcintosh.?

Demonstration against the Arizona Diamondbacks and SB1070 in Arizona in front of the Giants Stadium in downtown San Francisco on May 29 2010. (jonathan mcintosh)

Arizona by Susana Corleto.

A prevalent caricature of America’s Toughest Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

(Credit: Susana Corletto)

Pull Me Over by lungstruck.

A great act of civil disobedience – Just vandalize (or decorate) your vehicle complete with the following message:

Protester's Car by lungstruck.

Credit: lungstruck

Phoenix Immigration Rally by lungstruck.

Of course, the Arizona DREAM Act coalition paved the way with a no-brainer message: DREAM Act Now. It’s quite simple to understand. Really, I feel like I have had to dumb myself down for years to advocate for this.

(Credit: lungstruck)

Making the same point (Credit: matiasramos)

Large Photo
From undocumented shoes to recycling bottles. Fantastic progress for the multi-million dollar campaign. Maybe this works as a metaphor for “cleaning up your act.” But that’s too optimistic. In this case, recycling means “we’ll do the same thing over and over and expect different results.” (Credit: matiasramos)
Joe Arpaio Terrorist by lungstruck.
No, this isn’t hyperbolic. Why are Muslims the only ones called terrorists?
(Credit: lungstruck)
Protest against immigration laws and a call to remove Fort Snelling by Fibonacci Blue.

In Mendota and at Fort Snelling, there was a protest about the recently passed immigration law in Arizona and against a similar law proposed for Minnesota. Native Americans also protested the presence of Fort Snelling, and called for it to be removed and returned to them.  (Credit: fibonacciblue)

Amnesty! by Frankie Moreno.

Yes, those big bad “illegal alien” skeletons. (Credit: Frankie Moreno)

Immigrant Struggle by Frankie Moreno.

Yes, someone is connecting the dots. To really resolve this mass hysteria against immigration, we need to get to the root of the problem: an unjust economic system with the development of underdevelopment and unfair trade policies that encourage migration to richer more developed countries. (Frankie Moreno)

LGBT are we next? by Frankie Moreno.

Yay for intersectionalities. That’s all. (Credit: Frankie Moreno)

Gringas by Frankie Moreno.

We need more cool white people. (Frankie Moreno)

PhoenixMayMarch204.jpg by willcoley.

Best pictures of the day. Hands down. (Credit: Suzannah MacClay and willcoley)

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