Sending More POC to Netroots Nations

Netroots Nation 2009

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I don’t have exact figures but the overwhelming super-majority of Netroots is white. Some of them were quite amused (and some quite offended) last year when we acted like ICE agents and racially profiled white people. They could afford to be amused about it.

We need to send more POC voices to Netroots Nations: conference of white progressives working in new media this year to create more thought-provoking simulations. The DFA/America’s Voice scholarship is one way to ensure that it happens.

I’m glad for their sponsorship last year. Las Vegas was an incredible experience. I think my pal Matias does a better job of stating what we did while we were there.

In 2009, I was the only dreamer at the conference. Lets not get into what happened.

In 2010, we had 4 dreamers.

The number better double in 2011. It’s pretty heartening to see that over 10 dreamers (most of whom are not bloggers) are vying for the Netroots scholarship this year. All the best to them if I don’t see them there.

I don’t think I need an introduction, especially not in the blogosphere. You can vote for me here.

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