Deportation Defense Funds

Please contact Adam Luna for press interviews regarding my immigration case and CC Jackie Mahendra,

I refuse to spend a penny fighting this ludicrous deportation case. All donations should go to DreamActivist.

I am not being stubborn. Hear me out. I already gave USCIS around $2300 for my green card application and paid the fine imposed under 245-I for unauthorized stay and employment. Anything beyond that is absolutely out of question. Mom is the sole provider of her household and all her money goes to the bills, the mortgage and my law school tuition! All the money I save up goes to my cost of living. I can either go to school or fight my removal. I’m choosing education over deportation.

If you have any interest in keeping me here, please help my family out. The last thing I need is for them to be burdened with this!

I need to raise money for multiple trips to San Francisco ($300 roundtrip), duplication of documents and additional filings during removal proceedings.

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