Mr. President: Why Are You Deporting My Grand-Daughter?

Please contact Adam Luna for press interviews regarding my immigration case and CC Jackie Mahendra, jackie@change.org

In some great news, President Barack Obama is coming to speak to my school tomorrow about fiscal policy and deficit plan. At the same time, his administration is set to spend somewhere between $12,500 to $20,000 in trying to remove me from the country. That really is cheap change for the United States but it makes for some fantastic deficit planning if you account for the lost productivity and taxes over a lifetime and multiply that to include every non-criminal that is now in removal proceedings.

Mr. President, in case I don’t get tickets to come see you at the event, I have one question. It’s actually from my grandmother. She’s 82 years old. She’s a citizen of the United States. She voted for you in the last elections and she’s looking forward to voting for you again if you can answer just one question: Why are you trying to deport her grand-daughter?

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