DHS Sends New Letter of Removal Proceedings With False Charges

In response to all your supportive emails and requests (or in utter ignorance of it all), DHS has sent me another notice to appear and laid out the charges against me. Check them out:

It says I was admitted but I am removable because:

1. You are not a citizen or national of the United States

2. You are a native of FIJI and a citizen of FIJI

3. You were admitted to the United States at Los Angeles, California on or around November 13, 1999 as a non-immigrant B-2 visitor for pleasure with authorization to remain in the United States for a temporary period not to exceed November 10, 1999.

4. You remained in the United States beyond November 10, 1999 without authorization.

I neither admit nor deny 1  and 2. I absolutely deny 3 and 4 and challenge everyone to prove how it is even possible.

I am in removal proceedings for not leaving the country three days before I arrived; I was unauthorized three days before my authorized stay began. It definitely makes a whole lot less sense to me than aging-out at 21.

It concludes by saying “”You’re ordered to appear before an immigration judge to show why you shouldn’t be removed for the charges stated above.”

Right. I am throwing a giggle fit. Is that the best the Department of Homeland Security can do?

Also, my date of birth is wrong. Are these people literate? Now we know part of the reason immigration courts are backlogged so severely.

These letters don’t really bother me. But my family keeps getting terrorized through these notices of removal proceedings since they are sent to my California residence. They can’t really read or understand the finer details so every time they get a letter, they get really scared. It’s horrifying and unacceptable. And they aren’t the ones without legal status.

Thank you America, for terrorizing immigrant families who are here legally.

I suppose if the President has to show his papers, so does everyone else.

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