13 Years On

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Half my life ago, I first made out a girl.

I didn’t know whether I was straight, gay or bisexual. At least, I did not identify with those labels. I just knew that I loved her and wanted to be with her. That’s all that mattered.

And I took a leap of faith. It is still paying dividends. I would like to believe I have the same courage and conviction I had when I was 13, if not more.

A small part of the narrative is posted over at Gaysi Family.

Your beautiful eyes, so captivating
Your nearness, so mesmerizing
Your touch, so soothing
Your presence, so calming
In your loving arms, everything was forgotten

This one moment is etched forever in my memory.
And you are forever etched in my soul.

Love. It’s still all that has ever really mattered.


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