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I am going home today.

Going home to a mother’s American dream
Her daughter’s Kafkaesque nightmare
A father’s woeful abuse and neglect
His daughter’s fatherless upbringing
A timeless tale of young love
Now divided by borders and oceans

There’s the trauma
I’ll have to turn it into traumatic-comedy
There’s the pain
It will become an entertaining dramedy

Bi-coastal and multi-lingual
I’m a San Franciscan living in DC
The South Pacific flows through my veins
My heart is desi, my thoughts American

I’m all about laying roots
In a country planning to give me the boot

It’s queer
America does not want me
Nor do I want America
Our feelings are at least mutual
It was an arranged marriage without our consent or papers
An abusive marriage I’ve to fight to keep while yearning for divorce

I live for the day I can go home and tell Mom:
“You made the right choice by bringing my here. We don’t have to live like this anymore.”

Today is not that day. So I live to tell her that tomorrow.

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