CSPA Amicus Brief Filed with the Ninth Circuit

Here’s a copy of the amicus brief we filed with the Ninth Circuit on Cuellar De Osorio v. Mayorkas, challenging the BIA’s interpretation of the Child Status Protection Act in Matter of Wang.

This brief means a lot to me, not only because I worked on it but also because the outcome would affect me personally and also marks the first time that undocumented youth have turned to the federal courts to protect their right to live in this country. It may not be as historic as Plyler v. Doe, but it is certainly of great importance to many immigrant families who are torn apart by an incorrect interpretation of the Child Status Protection Act.

Due to an emergency situation, I had to move out of my apartment last Monday while I was working on it, and remained practically homeless for a few days, so it is somewhat of a miracle that the brief actually got filed. I only have Andres Benach, Thomas Ragland and Cindy Ramirez at the law firm of Benach Ragland LLP to thank for making sure that the brief was edited, polished and made presentable for the court.  Here’s the Benach Ragland blog about the case.

Three separate amicus briefs were filed on the matter before the deadline, all on behalf of the petitioners.

Other briefs filed on the case:


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