MetroWeekly Article – “How It Ends”

I had the honor of being interviewed for a great piece — “How It Ends” — by Chris Geidner in MetroWeekly exploring what “LGBT equality” means and why some of us would like to take the fight in a dramatically different direction from gay marriage.

I think civic equality and emancipation are two entirely different concepts. I yearn for emancipation much more than civic participation but I’m still trying to determine exactly what that means. The best example I can come up with concerns diversity. Real diversity in the workplace doesn’t stop at hiring people and women of color employees. Real diversity means affirming an employee when s/he walks into the office wearing a sari or salwaar kameez — traditional ethnic attire — or gets a queer haircut. In my head, that’s how it should end.

Please do read the piece and pass it along.

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