Out Now: Unsung America

My book, Unsung America, hit the stores this week with a splash and a book launch at Mrs. Dalloways bookstore in Berkeley. You can still get a copy of it there and I will be happy to sign it for you.

Foremost, Unsung America is a history book that seeks to tell U.S. immigration history from the lens of the many individuals who suffered the brunt of discriminatory laws.

The book starts with the stories of free black abolitionists, German immigrants, Asian-Americans, anarchist and Communist political dissenters, LGBTQ immigrants, and finally touches on more recent times.

It is not meant as a complete anthology, biography or encyclopedia but as a historical memoir that charts the lives of the many trailblazers who worked within and across their communities to make social change happen.

If you pre-ordered a copy and received it, let me know if you like it. If not, you can still snag a copy through the link below.

If you want it for a book review or radio interview, shoot me a message and I will be happy to get a watermarked PDF over to you.

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