Gubernatorial Hopeful's #1 Priority: "This Is Alabama. We Speak English."

Republican Tim James is running for governor of Alabama, and he is no fan of foreign languages and especially people who drive without knowing how to speak English. In this ad, he arrogantly announces, “This is Alabama. We speak English. If you want to live here, learn it.”

Doesn’t everyone want a Governor whose number one priority is to prevent immigrants from driving solely based on what language they do not speak? Heavens forbid the calamity that would occur if Tim James started focusing on education, health care, financial reform, and issues that plague Alabama because immigration is certainly not one of them. But I can see the need to get everyone in Alabama to speak English: right now many of them speak a special dialect of Southern, with an accent of racism.

If Alabama elects Tim James as Governor, it would come close to beating Arizona for the “Most Ludicrous” title. That’s probably the only title that the state has a chance of winning.

On a serious note, this is another one of those proposals that merits attention because it is a desperate cry for action from the federal government on immigration reform. But that does not make it any less of a failure in demonstrating leadership on the issue.

Video Credit: TimJames4All

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