Nativist Tancredo Expresses Concern Over Racial Profiling in SB1070

Some rabid right-wingers are actually saying reasonable things about Arizona’s new “papers please” law. Tom Tancredo is worried that it might encourage racial profiling. No, hell has not frozen over yet.

The anti-immigrant former Congressperson from Colorado does support the bill, but in an interview with Denver’s KDVR TV, he expressed concern about racial profiling because certain people might be “pulled over because they look like they should be pulled over.”

Look at that! Tancredo is far from a friend to immigrants. He wants to deport President Obama back to Kenya, proposed a civic literacy test for voting, and once suggested that the United States should bomb holy Muslim sites. But if he can see why SB 1070 allows law enforcement officials to pull people over based on their skin color, then so should everyone who rabidly supports the new Arizona law.

Even Jon Stewart slammed the absurdity of SB 1070 on his show, pointing out that “the man Mexican parents tell their kids about to get them to eat their vegetables, thought it was going too far. Arizona, that’s gotta tell you something.” There is something seriously wrong with Arizona if anti-immigrant zealot Tom Tancredo is worrying about racial profiling.

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More rabid right-wingers are sure to express concerns and even slam the draconian bill. Strangely enough, the only current GOP politician to speak out against SB 1070 in the media thus far is Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, a Cuban-American from Miami who observed that the new law “strikes fear in the hearts of many American citizens and legal residents.”

Even Republican Senator John McCain supports SB 1070 as a good tool and thinks that undocumented immigrants purposely cause accidents. Has the GOP moved to the right of Tom Tancredo on the immigration issue? Maybe we should start checking their shoes.

Video Credit: The Daily Show

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