Stop the Deportation of DREAM Act Youth Selvin Arevalo

You may not think of Maine as a major state in need of immigrant rights activism, but you would be wrong.

When Selvin Arevalo got into a minor accident and fled from the scene for a few minutes in panic due to his immigration status, he probably had an inkling that getting caught by law enforcement would get him detained and deported. Unfortunately, he was right.

Selvin Arevalo came to Portland, Maine, from Guatemala when he was 14-years-old to work and send money back home to his family. He adjusted to life in the United States, learned English, and eventually started earning his high school diploma. But he was detained a month before his graduation and held at the Cumberland County jail.

In the video below, Selvin’s friend Isai talks about Selvin, why he deserves to stay in the United States, and what people can do to stop his deportation:

Selvin has been an exemplary member of his community. He is hard working, a committed student, and a faithful member of his church. His community members are organizing around him to try and get him released from detention and to stop his deportation.

Community members are holding an overnight vigil for Selvin outside the jail where has been been detained til his hearing tomorrow. Take action to stop his impending deportation and demand that Senator Snowe and Senator Collins cosponsor the DREAM Act, which would allow young people like Selvin to adjust their status in the United States.

Video Credit: LewistonVideoMaker

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