Nevadans Must Pass on Sharron Angle to Collect Their Sanity

Sharron Angle thinks that race-baiting is a game and her campaign has now launched a game of Monopoly to prove it.

The new micro-site features Harry Reid playing amnesty through a game of Monopoly. “Fun for the whole illegal family” screams the tagline. One has to wonder how families can be illegal, unless Angle is referring to the alternative and deviant sexual lifestyles, but I digress. The page also includes “The Wave” campaign ad, representing the wave of brown people that Nevadans should fear.

There is no need to roll a dice to make sure that Angle’s racial bigotry gets past Go even though it is not getting past us. Scary ethnic caricatures in her ads? Check. Scared white people as victims? Check. Racism? Check.

Hasbro, the company that owns the intellectual property and copyright for Monopoly in the United States, is not too thrilled. Their legal department is looking into the matter, since Angle and her team forgot to purchase licensing rights. It is doubtful that Angle would have received rights to use Monopoly as a way to further her race-baiting agenda, but at present, she is certainly breaking laws with her game. And here we thought that illegal was illegal. What part of illegal does Sharron Angle not understand?

Undocumented immigrants do take a chance by coming to the United States. Oftentimes, they do the jobs that Americans won’t do and uproot their entire lives to start over in a completely new country without the protection of the law at times. If only it was as simple as a roll of dice.

Nevadans, don’t take a chance on November 2nd. Go to the polls and make sure Sharron Angle is not elected as Senator of Nevada. Pass Go to collect your sanity.

Photo Credit: andymangold / bravenewfoundation

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